Wwe Star Saves Mom: Can It Win Him A Job Back With The Company?

This Sunday, TNA Wrestling airs it’s final pay per view of 2010 with Final Resolution. There is card packed with gimmick driven stipulation matches, but is it worth the money? Let’s find out. Post your PPV predictions in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

The 1963 can be considered the year of birth for World Wide wwe supercard hack Federation (WWWF). The story is simple: CWC’s wrestler Buddy Rogers won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. By the rules of CWC he had to defend his title of to pay $25,000. Buddy chose to defend the title and lost the fight and the title. CWC’s heads got upset and decided to leave the NWA.

Yesterday, CM Punk became the longest reigning wwe Champion in the modern era as he hit 381 days as champion. The modern day era was held by John Cena, who held the gold for 380 consecutive days.

Because the skill discrepancy in this match up is widely known, Ellenberger is currently set at a +275 underdog. In spite of this incentive, a bet on Ellenberger is probably a waste of money. Condit will take home the win by second round TKO.

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Vincent K. McMahon was the first McMahon that began selling the WWF TV Shows to TV stations and on VHS tapes all over the USA and abroad. He was the one to hire Hulk Hogan – an 80’s wrestling and movie star. That worked excellent for WWF promotion, which became worldwide popular.